Since 2012, with support from German friends, a medical clinic was put up to provide medical services to the rural communities like treatment of malaria, Typhoid, cough and other related diseases. People have access to minor operations like bandaging wounds, at times we receive expert dentist from Germany and people can access dental services. The Medical clinic has a minor maternity ward where expectant mothers can access pre-natal, delivery and post-natal services. We have qualified and registered staff as nurses, Laboratory technicians and midwife. Currently we are completing a seven room maternity ward. The existence of the Medical clinic has helped the clients not travel long distances in search of medical services, always there is full stock of the drugs that are often needed for treatment of the common diseases in rural communities. Once every month the Medical clinic serves as Centre for immunization against polio and other diseases common with children. We look forward to expand and include more medical services at Nganiko medical clinic.